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Tips to Crack Salesforce Commerce Cloud Interviews

Cracking a Salesforce Commerce Cloud interview could be a daunting task if you don’t understand the expectations of the employers. Here are a few tips to help you prepare well and get through such an interview, Background Knowledge Your knowledge on general concepts of cloud and E-Commerce platform will be tested during any Salesforce Commerce Cloud interview. Unless you are

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Magento Jobs: Leveraging the Latest Trends

As a job seeker in the field of Magento, it is best to equip yourself with skills that are inline with the current trends. The biggest change in the sphere of Magento is its acquisition by Adobe. With Adobe’s intervention there will be many additions and alterations to the features of Magento. Though we need to wait and watch as

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Ways to Stand Out in a Busy Work Environment

E-commerce is a busy field! And when you’re working hard within a hustling and bustling environment, it may feel as if it’s easy to be overlooked by your boss. Staying top-of-mind (for good reasons, of course!) is important when you’re trying to get ahead and get promoted in your career. In many cases, simply doing the job isn’t enough—you must

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Interview Tips for 2019

Do you have an upcoming interview? If you’re feeling nervous and want to pull out all the stops to do your very best—it always helps to prepare. So where do you start? 15 interview tips to land your next e-commerce position Try any of the following to get one step closer to your next job: Research the company. This shows

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In the Know: Magento Trends for 2019

2018 was a big year for Magento! Many changes users will notice for 2019 have to do with the possibilities opened by major recent events for the platform. Magento’s acquisition by Adobe last year opens up a world of technical possibilities—among them enhanced access to CMS, UX, creative and analytics tools for Magento users. A partnership with Akeneo has ushered

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Questions You Would Expect in an E-Commerce Interview

Looking for your next e-commerce job? It’s a competitive field, with more and more stores opening online everyday. The reliance on web-based store fronts and expectation of an exceptional online user experience is pushing e-commerce businesses to find and hire industry superstars—do you have what it takes? The truth is, companies want highly qualified and innovative candidates who are just

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How to Stay Up-to-Date with Platform Developments

As an e-commerce professional, you’re probably well aware the industry moves quickly. While you’re hard at work with your present job, developments and innovations are happening behind the scenes. If you want to stay relevant and competitive with others in your field, it’s critical to stay up to date with changes, upgrades and version rollout for your platform of choice.

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