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Hire Ecommerce Technical Leads

During a tech project, you need one or more individuals to take the reigns. Experienced technical leads do just that—helping to move the development of your ecommerce site forward to completion. You may not be familiar with all the steps required to build and maintain an effective digital site—and that’s why it helps to have Jarvis Cole hire qualified technical leads for your ecommerce business.

Our talent pool

Jarvis Cole excels in the ecommerce recruitment space. We’ll help you find and place the highly skilled and experienced technical leads you need. Our recruitment services ensure the following:

Industry-leading platform knowledge. 
Whether your preferred ecommerce platform is Magento, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Shopify or many others—we’ll help you find tech leads with the required expertise to make your site shine.

All the right

From platform excellence to leadership know-how, to problem-solving magic, you need tech leads who’ve got it all. And our dedicated recruitment team will help you find ecommerce professionals with your required qualifications.

Backed by education and guidance. 
We provide all Jarvis Cole candidates with market education and the direction they need to do their very best. This hands-on approach takes your staffing experience from good to great.

Don’t wait—give us a call! Contact Jarvis Cole today to discuss your ecommerce staffing needs. We’ll help you hire technical leads and other highly skilled ecommerce candidates to give your business a competitive edge.
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