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Hire Ecommerce Sales Talent

Who’s the face of your ecommerce business? Many companies bring on sales representatives to help promote their business and support online operations. Sales reps build and maintain customer relationships, respond to customers’ needs, and help move your products and services. If the goal is to Always Be Closing (and let’s face it—it is), your sales reps are what you need to get the job done and boost your profit margin. Jarvis Cole can help you hire the ecommerce sales talent you need.

Our talent pool

Jarvis Cole is built on a solid foundation of ecommerce market know-how. In other words, we know what it takes to make a sales rep succeed in this space. We work with our clients to find and place candidates who will work hard to boost your sales and industry reputation:

Insider knowledge. 
Our reps are highly qualified and experienced. You’ll gain the advantage of their extensive qualifications for superior ecommerce sales and online support.

Direct hire or contract. 
If you need to support sales across the board or in a specific area, we’ll help you choose the staffing level that works right for your business and your budget.

Ongoing support.
We support our candidates so they can support you. Jarvis Cole provides market education and ongoing training to help our candidates maintain their sales edge.

Get started today! Move your sales and boost your profits with just the right ecommerce sales talent. To learn more, contact Jarvis Cole.
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