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Magento Jobs: Leveraging the Latest Trends

As a job seeker in the field of Magento, it is best to equip yourself with skills that are inline with the current trends. The biggest change in the sphere of Magento is its acquisition by Adobe. With Adobe’s intervention there will be many additions and alterations to the features of Magento. Though we need to wait and watch as

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In the Know: Magento Trends for 2019

2018 was a big year for Magento! Many changes users will notice for 2019 have to do with the possibilities opened by major recent events for the platform. Magento’s acquisition by Adobe last year opens up a world of technical possibilities—among them enhanced access to CMS, UX, creative and analytics tools for Magento users. A partnership with Akeneo has ushered

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8 Types of Ecommerce Jobs to Expand Your Career in 2019

E-commerce is on the tip of everyone’s tongue these days. As more and more consumers rely on the internet to shop, digital stores are moving into the forefront as a preferred means of commerce. And if you’re a qualified professional familiar with the E-commerce industry, this job market just may be your oyster. Depending on your professional background, you may

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Magento Commerce vs. Salesforce Commerce Cloud: Ecommerce Platform Comparison

As your platforms of choice, Magento and Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC, formerly Demandware) are both heavy hitters in the e-commerce industry. Both ecommerce platforms have some features in common and allow you to create powerful online storefronts with large product catalogs. Beyond that, they’re very different creatures that provide their own distinct advantages. Your choice depends on the nature of

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Magento Developer Resume Tips to Land an Interview

Did you know a quarter of all web stores worldwide are powered by Magento? That opens up big opportunities for you as a Magento developer—and it’s time to cash in! So how can you help ensure you’re getting in front of recruiters and hiring managers? With a killer resume, of course. This one little document is your ticket to interviews

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Magento Developer Salary Data and Career Trends for 2019

Magento continues to be a top platform of choice for the ecommerce industry. Why? It’s open source, designed specifically for the ecommerce industry, and features a vibrant community of users for support. And as a developer dedicated to this popular platform, your job outlook is quite good. But how good, you may ask? Average Magento developer salary Show me the

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Top 10 Magento Developer Interview Questions to Prepare For

If you’re getting ready for an upcoming Magento developer interview, practice makes perfect. Taking the time to prepare will help boost your confidence, so you’re ready to deliver a killer interview. And one of the best ways to prepare is to review common interview questions and have the answers locked, loaded and ready to go! Popular Magento Interview Questions You

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Hire a Magento Developer with These Five Personality Attributes

The quality of your developers directly contributes to the success of your ecommerce website. Your site’s look, feel and functionality—and how well it meets the demands of your customer base—are all impacted by the strength of your development talent. So it makes sense to choose wisely. If Magento is your ecommerce platform of choice, you, of course, want to hire

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7 Best Ecommerce Platforms and Solutions for Small Businesses in 2019

Whether your business is on the web, social media or good ol’ brick and mortar—you need an ecommerce solution that fits. Your platform of choice is the foundation of your consumer shopping experience. It helps you build your brand, sell your product and move more customers toward checkout. Window shoppers are more likely to become loyal customers with an easy,

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