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Why Your eCommerce Site Should Include a Blog!

A blog is a marketing tactic, found on an eCommerce site, whichmany of us have heard aboutandregularlyengage with.ECommerce sites tend to use blogs to share key news with theirstakeholders,such as trend forecasts, new product launches andcompany updates. Butwhat are the real benefits? Why should you spend your resourcesonblog writing when you simply have a website to “drive traffic to your

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How to get headhunted.

Headhunting is the process of finding and recruiting individuals to fill senior positions in organisations.A head-hunter tends to be employed when an organisationhas a hard-to-fill vacancy at a high level, orthey believe that their idealcandidate currentlyhas the job at a different organisation.Candidates have been noted to like being headhunted, as it provides new job and career opportunities without the search.

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If COVID19 is the final straw for physical retail, what would this mean for the eCommerce job sector?

Traditional retail has beenpredicted to be on the brink of existence for the past decade by many expects, with the pressures of eCommerce giants andever-improvingdelivery services being listed as the main reasons.Nevertheless, despitesuch predictions, many traditionalphysicalretailershave beenreporting healthy sales figuresover the last decade. However,the COVID19 pandemic caused the physical retail stores to close, generating no sales for the stores. After

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Why to boycott traditional recruiters and move to talent partners.

Recruiters aremeant to make hiring within abusiness easy; they are meant to place fantastic candidates in roles they can thrive in, producing both happy clients and candidates.However,the majority of hiring companiesgo fromone recruitmentagencyto another, unable tounderstand why they demonstrate aninability toprovide effective staffing solutions. The reason for this may lie with the problems created by recruiters typically being paid basedon

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Mentor your employees remotely yet efficiently

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. The current situation we are facing has made us adapt ourselves to work remotely and ensure there is no hindrance to business continuity. However, there are many organizations that have not been well-equipped to work remotely. This could be due to various reasons – traditional 9-6 work culture, equipment/devices that cannot

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Tips to Crack Salesforce Commerce Cloud Interviews

Cracking a Salesforce Commerce Cloud interview could be a daunting task if you don’t understand the expectations of the employers. Here are a few tips to help you prepare well and get through such an interview, Background Knowledge Your knowledge on general concepts of cloud and E-Commerce platform will be tested during any Salesforce Commerce Cloud interview. Unless you are

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Benefits to Updating your LinkedIn Profile – and How to Do It

Most working e-commerce professionals maintain a LinkedIn profile these days, and for good reason! Finding a job can be time consuming and challenging, and LinkedIn serves as a real-time, online resume. Your profile is visible to the entire world—and this includes recruiters, hiring managers and potential employers. When you join LinkedIn, you make it easier to be located because rather

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