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8 Resume Tips to Land an Ecommerce Technology Career

The tech world is constantly evolving, and as such—it’s competitive! You may know this if you’re currently in search of or starting a new ecommerce job. What can you do to catch the attention of a hiring manager and land an interview?
Nothing is 100 percent promised, but it always helps to have a killer resume (CV) in your arsenal of job search tools. Plus, you can do just that with these eight information technology resume tips to help you during your job search.

1) Customize each resume per position

You should never use a generic, catch-all resume. Instead, start with the bones of what you’re all about and tailor your resume to the specific IT job to which you’re applying. Use the information listed in the job description when compiling your resume. Take note of key skills, company culture, preferred accomplishments, and required certifications.

2) Keep it simple

Your resume should feature a sleek, clean design with bolded headings that help guide the reader’s eyes along the page. Use short, information-stuffed sections and bulleted lists. Easy-to-read fonts and standard margin sizes are also crucial for readability.

3) Spike out the good stuff

Most recruiters will spend a matter of seconds scanning your resume or social media profiles like LinkedIn, so you want to catch their attention quickly. Start with an objective statement. With each job you list in your work history, make sure to include an opening statement summarizing what you accomplished at that job. Use powerful adjectives that accurately describe your previous IT or ecommerce position.

4) Maximize your objective statement

Let your objective statement tell the story of your IT career thus far. Use it to explain why you worked at the technology positions you did, and why you moved on to your next job opportunity. You may even wish to infuse a bit of your personality into your story—you want to come across as unique and memorable to the hiring manager.

5) List work history before education

The order of priority is especially important if you’ve been in the industry for a bit. Yes, education matters, but employers are looking more at what you learned from the School of Hard Knocks. When it comes to information technology resumes, recency is crucial, especially in an industry that changes so rapidly. Highlight your most recent IT or ecommerce jobs and mention new technologies that you’ve worked with where appropriate.

6) List only your past five jobs

Begin the experience section of your IT resume with your most recent employment and work your way down. Beyond five jobs will be unnecessary information and take up space on your resume. The tech industry changes so frequently, an employer wants to know what you’ve been up to lately—not ten years ago. Recency of knowledge may be the most important tip for your information technology resume. Always keep this top of mind when compiling your credentials.

7) Align your accomplishments with the job

Career accomplishments are more important to include than responsibilities. You should list your achievements as they apply to each technology or ecommerce job in your work history—and use numbers to quantify your successes, when possible. For example, mentioning how you increased company profitability is excellent. But, if you say by how much, it’s even more powerful. Also, make sure to stay in the good graces of your former employers by properly resigning in case you ever need them as professional references.

8) Add keywords

If a hiring manager is using software to filter resumes, yours may get skipped over if the software doesn’t catch specific keywords and phrases. To determine what to include, review the job description and other job descriptions for similar technology careers and ecommerce positions—and use the common denominators.

What are you waiting for?

Take it from the experts in ecommerce recruitment: these eight tips to spice up your information technology resume can be a game-changer. Implement them today to get one step closer to your next job interview so you can land a rewarding ecommerce career opportunity.

You can also work with an ecommerce recruiter

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