Are You Valued?

Are you working for an employer who really values you? 

Below are just some of the many amazing benefits our clients provide to the candidates we place with them:

  2. Unlimited PTO
  3. 100% Healthcare, Dental, and Vision covered for you and your family
  4. 100% Out of pocket medical costs covered for you and your family
  5. Remote
  6. Regular pay rises
  7. Flex-Time
  8. Meals, snacks, and drinks catered
  9. Rewarding Bonus
  10. Equity 
  11. International Travel
  12. Commuter benefits
  13. Technical certifications paid in full
  14. Further education expenses paid in full
  15. A defined career development path
  16. Childcare benefits
  17. Clear communication from leadership
  18. Shared values
  19. Take your pet to work
  20. Gym membership
  21. Long-term paid parental leave 
  22. Total wellness packages
  23. Volunteer days
  24. Student loan debt reimbursement 
  25. Paid Sabbaticals

In a recent survey we asked over 1000 candidates what they are looking for in a new role:

68% Salary Increase
35% Career Development 
33% Flexible Working Options
28% Work/Life Balance
21% Perks & Benefits
17% Great Company Culture
15% Training & Development

97% of candidates we place, receive a salary increase! 

Are you interested in discovering what YOUR VALUE is in the marketplace? 

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