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7 Best Ecommerce Platforms and Solutions for Small Businesses in 2019

Whether your business is on the web, social media or good ol’ brick and mortar—you need an ecommerce solution that fits. Your platform of choice is the foundation of your consumer shopping experience. It helps you build your brand, sell your product and move more customers toward checkout. Window shoppers are more likely to become loyal customers with an easy,

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BigCommerce Review: Pros, Cons and Pricing Comparison 2019

Your ecommerce platform makes or breaks the success of your store. From design to maintenance, your choice should be based on the unique needs of your business, the number of products you sell, and the volume of traffic your site will need to handle. You’ll also want to consider your level of expertise when it comes to building and managing

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Shopify Review: Pros, Cons and Pricing Comparison 2019

Which ecommerce platform will you select for your online storefront? Your choice is as important to sales and customer experience as location is to a brick-and-mortar. You want to choose a platform that meets all your requirements—it must allow you to design and customize your site for your desired look and functionality, plus provide all the features you need to

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Oracle Commerce Cloud Review: Pros, Cons and Pricing Comparison 2019

Which platform will you choose for your ecommerce page? Your decision has a significant impact on the functionality of your site, plus the ease of updating and maintenance on your end. Choosing a cloud-based platform offers you some advantages—you won’t experience the same blips caused by hardware failures, such as power supply outages, motherboard failure or insufficient RAM. Plus, platforms

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IBM Watson Commerce Review: Pros, Cons and Pricing Comparison 2019

What’s your platform of choice for your ecommerce business? Your selection is key to the successful functioning of your online storefront—it impacts your conversion rate, customer satisfaction, profit margin, and ultimately, your brand. How do customers view your products and services? Are they likely to keep shopping with you and recommend your business to others? The ecommerce platform technology you

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Magento Commerce Review: Pros, Cons and Pricing Comparison 2019

You need the right platform to support your ecommerce business! Your decision is based on your market segment and the needs of your customers—plus you want to offer a better shopping experienced than your competitors. To meet all these needs and more, Magento may be your platform of choice. After all, it’s a front-runner in the ecommerce business space and

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