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Top Questions you, as a Business Leader, should ask your Technical Team

MagentoMerchantspossessa greatleveloftechnical knowledgewhich isrequired tostrategically manageand grow anonlineeCommercebusiness. However, with there being such a huge amount of Indepth information for a Magento Merchant to learn,a significant proportion of peopleon the business side havea limitedunderstanding of the technologiesused within an eCommerce site. This article aims to solve some of the merchant-developer communication problems found in many businesses. We recommend that merchants ask their staff within their technical team the following

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Coronavirus & Magento

The impact of coronavirus on the global economy is astronomical, affecting multiple businesses across all sectors. It seems that nothing can prevent the virus, nor its impact on businessesand consumers.As a result of the virus,thousands of eventshave beencancelled,some businessesare closed, conferences arebeingheld onlineandpeoplearestayingat home to work remotely.Factors such as these have resulted inindustries rapidly changingto adapt. With this in mind,

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