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Mindful March at JRG

Mindful March is an awareness month, whereby individuals are encouraged to focus on their mental and physical health, in an attempt to improve both.At JRG, we believe that greatness starts with our employee’s happiness, and for this reason we felt that Mindful March would be a great activity to get the JRG family involved in. Mindfulness means paying attention to

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Jarvis is committed to Gender Equality.

The theme of International Women’s Day (IWD) this year is ‘Choose to Challenge’. Jarvis Recruitment Group (Jarvis) stands with Women across the globe and chooses to challenge all inequalities within the workplace. The recruitment industry isnotoriouslyknown to have a misogynistic boys’ club mentality, with a significant amount of the staff being male, and those who are female being in lower

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How to Start an Online eCommerce Store

If you’ve ever dreamed of starting an online store, there’s no better time to begin than right now.The keytorunning a successful eCommerce store is making every transaction count. It’s one thing to get traffic and sell products. Here are easy waysforhow tostart anonlineeCommercestore: Business strategy. Brandsetup. Choose onlineeCommerceplatformfor your store. Build your onlineeCommercestore. Marketingautomation. Marketingofyour brand and website. Businessstrategy Everysuccessfulbusinessstarts

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How to Secure Your Dream Role by Impressing at a Video Interview

Are you dreading your video interview? Are you unsure how to best prepare for a virtual interview? Video interviews are becoming an increasingly popular tool to interview candidates with for several reasons. Firstly, with social distancing restrictions, they are often the only way to interview a candidate. Secondly, with globalisation, it is now common for companies to hire individuals from all over the

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Starting a New Job — Remotely

Despite the pandemic causing mass unemployment and global uncertainty for the future, the job market did not and has not come to a complete stop. There are companies who are still hiring and many who were in the process of hiring as the social distancing measures went into effect.  For example, at Jarvis Recruitment Group, we have continued our growth and therefore needed to hire a vast number of new staff in various areas. All these

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Why Your eCommerce Site Should Include a Blog!

A blog is a marketing tactic, found on an eCommerce site, whichmany of us have heard aboutandregularlyengage with.ECommerce sites tend to use blogs to share key news with theirstakeholders,such as trend forecasts, new product launches andcompany updates. Butwhat are the real benefits? Why should you spend your resourcesonblog writing when you simply have a website to “drive traffic to your

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