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Magento Commerce vs. Salesforce Commerce Cloud: Ecommerce Platform Comparison

As your platforms of choice, Magento and Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC, formerly Demandware) are both heavy hitters in the e-commerce industry. Both ecommerce platforms have some features in common and allow you to create powerful online storefronts with large product catalogs. Beyond that, they’re very different creatures that provide their own distinct advantages. Your choice depends on the nature of

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Top 6 Salesforce Commerce Cloud Developer Interview Questions and Answers

Preparing for an upcoming interview? As a developer familiar with the Salesforce Commerce Cloud platform, you’re on pace to do great things with your career. Salesforce continuously reports impressive growth and earnings, and remains a heavy hitter in the digital industry—plus, developers are in hot demand! The company’s Commerce Cloud platform is an ever-popular choice with e-commerce companies, and your

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Magento Developer Resume Tips to Land an Interview

Did you know a quarter of all web stores worldwide are powered by Magento? That opens up big opportunities for you as a Magento developer—and it’s time to cash in! So how can you help ensure you’re getting in front of recruiters and hiring managers? With a killer resume, of course. This one little document is your ticket to interviews

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Salesforce Commerce Cloud Developer Salary Data and Career Trends for 2019

Overall, Salesforce is a popular platform in the online marketplace. It’s cloud-based, so users can easily access it from anywhere, plus flexible and robust in terms of customizability. The company prides itself on creativity and innovation, so you can rest assured the platform is continually evolving—and this makes it a continued hit with users, who receive a personalized and intuitive

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Magento Developer Salary Data and Career Trends for 2019

Magento continues to be a top platform of choice for the ecommerce industry. Why? It’s open source, designed specifically for the ecommerce industry, and features a vibrant community of users for support. And as a developer dedicated to this popular platform, your job outlook is quite good. But how good, you may ask? Average Magento developer salary Show me the

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Top 10 Magento Developer Interview Questions to Prepare For

If you’re getting ready for an upcoming Magento developer interview, practice makes perfect. Taking the time to prepare will help boost your confidence, so you’re ready to deliver a killer interview. And one of the best ways to prepare is to review common interview questions and have the answers locked, loaded and ready to go! Popular Magento Interview Questions You

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5 Reasons to Hire a Salesforce Commerce Cloud Developer

The quality of your ecommerce website impacts multiple factors of your business. First, the functionality and appearance of your site translate into how successfully you convert shoppers into paying customers. And the reputation of your brand rests upon how modern and accessible your website is—does it keep up with technology trends and meet the needs of your site visitors? The

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Hire a Magento Developer with These Five Personality Attributes

The quality of your developers directly contributes to the success of your ecommerce website. Your site’s look, feel and functionality—and how well it meets the demands of your customer base—are all impacted by the strength of your development talent. So it makes sense to choose wisely. If Magento is your ecommerce platform of choice, you, of course, want to hire

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How to Earn a Salesforce Developer Certification and Advance Your Career

Are you an ecommerce developer familiar with the Salesforce Commerce Cloud? As a top platform of choice with ecommerce businesses, your knowledge of this platform puts you in hot demand when companies are looking to build, upgrade or maintain their storefronts. And you can make yourself even more desirable—and marketable—to hiring managers if you’re certified as a Salesforce developer. Advantages

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