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Nicole has a passion for people and organization, with a phenomenal track record in human resources and operations. As the COO of Jarvis Recruitment Group, she is responsible for the global operation departments to make sure all components in the organizational ‘machine’ are running effectively.

As employees and customers wants and needs are changing at an unprecedented rate, the Jarvis Recruitment Group operational philosophies require constant attention: reorganization, reengineering, rebuilding, redesigning. Nicole enjoys the challenge to continue these never-ending projects while still keeping the ‘machine’ running and understanding our organization is made up of our greatest asset: our people. Her drive is her passion for people and knowledge, making JRG more agile and adaptable to constantly shifting market needs.

Why I love Jarvis: I love the ability to be influential in the growth of a company from the ground up. Not just any company, but a company that truly works every day to put their employees first. We strive to create a space that feels like home, comfortable yet motivating, energetic and team-oriented. We want to bring out the best in every employee, so our clients and candidates feel our constant positivity and drive. We love to hear our employees’ ideas on new recruitment techniques or even company outing ideas and acting on them to promote employee happiness, health, and wellness. The encouragement of transparency and openness makes us an even closer and more successful business as a whole. Individually, we are kind, fun, and totally quirky in our own way. That’s what I love!

Jarvis Cole