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Ian has over five years of International niche recruitment experience. Upon entering the ecommerce recruiting industry, Ian was quick to come out of the gates, earning Newcomer of the Year within his first six months. His significant successes stemmed from building out markets from scratch through extensive market research, quality customer service, and prompt solution delivery to help his clients grow.

Ian is responsible for the founding and growth of the Magento recruitment division at Jarvis Cole. You’ll find his team at many global ecommerce events, including sponsoring Magento’s Imagine, Magento Meetups, and attending Magento After Work’s. His hands-on approach and genuine concern for company culture and client goals have provided Ian with an extensive track record of success.

Why I love Jarvis: I love Jarvis Cole because it is a gamechanger in the recruiting industry. We’re a company that is flipping the common perception of what staffing entails. We’re consultants first, recruiters second. At the same time, I have a passion for the ecommerce technology that I recruit for, and it’s great to meet others that share the same passion. Jarvis Cole’s vision and culture are unlike anything I have seen in other parts of the industry, both internally and externally. Aside from our dedicated customer service and ecommerce staffing solutions, we value those we work with and instill an enormous amount of trust and responsibility in our consultants.


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