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Critical Skills That Drive eCommerce Success

The ongoing health crisis turned industries across the globe upside down. For eCommerce, however, this shake-up has amounted to more good news than bad. Despite economic uncertainty, digital sales skyrocketed in 2020 as consumers quickly adopted online shopping habits. Meanwhile, brick-and-mortar stores are on a long road to recovery from months’ long closures and lockdowns. The growth of eCommerce is a compelling

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Tips for Engaging with eCommerce Sales Professionals in your Talent Pipeline

AneCommerce SalesProfessional Talent Pipeline is a ready stream ofeCommerceProfessionals’, who are qualified and prepared to be able to take upeCommerceSales roles. If a Talent Pipeline is created, the cost and time to hire is hugely reduced. However, the Pipeline is not permeant.You must engage with the Professionals within the pipeline effectively to maintain your relationship with them. Below are JarvisCole’s

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Shopify Store Owners have seen a boost in sales!

The survey conducted by the HelpCenterapp team reveals that nearly 74% of Shopify store owners have experienced either a boost in sales or have not recorded any major changes. The former, which adds up to more than one-third of all respondents, were able to increase their revenue by at least 40% since the outbreak of COVID-19. Moreover, when asked about their next

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