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Top Questions you, as a Business Leader, should ask your Technical Team

MagentoMerchantspossessa greatleveloftechnical knowledgewhich isrequired tostrategically manageand grow anonlineeCommercebusiness. However, with there being such a huge amount of Indepth information for a Magento Merchant to learn,a significant proportion of peopleon the business side havea limitedunderstanding of the technologiesused within an eCommerce site. This article aims to solve some of the merchant-developer communication problems found in many businesses. We recommend that merchants ask their staff within their technical team the following

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How to Start an Online eCommerce Store

If you’ve ever dreamed of starting an online store, there’s no better time to begin than right now.The keytorunning a successful eCommerce store is making every transaction count. It’s one thing to get traffic and sell products. Here are easy waysforhow tostart anonlineeCommercestore: Business strategy. Brandsetup. Choose onlineeCommerceplatformfor your store. Build your onlineeCommercestore. Marketingautomation. Marketingofyour brand and website. Businessstrategy Everysuccessfulbusinessstarts

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