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Coronavirus & Magento

The impact of coronavirus on the global economy is astronomical, affecting multiple businesses across all sectors. It seems that nothing can prevent the virus, nor its impact on businessesand consumers.As a result of the virus,thousands of eventshave beencancelled,some businessesare closed, conferences arebeingheld onlineandpeoplearestayingat home to work remotely.Factors such as these have resulted inindustries rapidly changingto adapt. With this in mind,

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Why Your eCommerce Site Should Include a Blog!

A blog is a marketing tactic, found on an eCommerce site, whichmany of us have heard aboutandregularlyengage with.ECommerce sites tend to use blogs to share key news with theirstakeholders,such as trend forecasts, new product launches andcompany updates. Butwhat are the real benefits? Why should you spend your resourcesonblog writing when you simply have a website to “drive traffic to your

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